Monday, 22 September 2014

Week Three

Week three was alive and kicking.  The students were blown away by how God had been using them to impact individuals lives with the gospel.  Then came a new challenge – Preaching the Gospel, not just to individuals but to groups of people that they have to draw in.

Ella, one of our students, was so concerned about this she didn’t sleep much that week at all.  A lot of fears run deep in one’s mind when we are faced with challenges that seem too great for us.
The students are learning a valuable truth as through this course they are constantly pushed out of their comfort zones and have to depend on the Lord for wisdom, strength and courage.  True courage is not the absence of fear but the conquering of it.

Through the training the students grasped the principles well.  They wrote their gospel messages and painted up their visuals.  All that was left was to do was to preach.  I was first up so that I could demonstrate how to do it in a real life situation.  Things went well.  At one stage over 50 people were listening to the gospel. Now the time for the call to respond came.  Nerves filled my body as you never know what will happen when you give the call. 

I called for the response and nobody moved.  I thought to myself, ‘hold your nerve'.  Give one more call to respond’.  One person came forward, then another and another.  Over 12 people responded to the gospel.  Thoughts flooded my mind.  Jesus’ words, ‘follow me and I’ll make you fishers of men’, came to mind.  Praise God that despite my fears, faults and limitations God still uses me and God wants to use you too!

All the students did so well.  People listened.  People responded.  The Lord’s name was lifted up.
Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.  The Lord is moving in people’s lives.  Your prayers are making a difference and the Lord’s name is being glorified.

This week we are going into schools all week.  Pray for effectiveness as the students communicate the gospel.  Pray for families to be reached and for wisdom as I teach.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Get Fit!

Well for those of you who know us well you will know we both like to exercise.  I do mine at home with DVD's first thing in the morning.  Jeremy however prefers the gym.  Well this year he found a boxing gym and has been having a great time.  Last week he took me to a class.  It was great but I do prefer to be at home in front of the air con.  The fans at the gym just don't cut it!  And the exercises outside.....  Almost too much.  Even the kids got involved - perhaps they take after us!
Sprints up a steep hill on a hot day - harder than it looks!

Flicking the rope
Beating a tire - also harder than it looks!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Robinson Crusoe Day Tour

Jeremy had a few days off with Lew Meyer and Robert Siakimotu lecturing so we took a short family vacation.  We stayed along the Coral Coast and were tourists for a day on Robinson Crusoe Island.  We were picked up and taken to a jetty where we caught a barge on a river out to the ocean then to the Island.  We were greeted by cannibals before being welcomed on.  It was a fun day with snorkelling, bush walks, a water park, kayaking, lazing about, coconut demonstrations, fire walking, a lovo for lunch and a great show!  Check out the pics.
Greeted by cannibals!
Dylan with his prize flowers from winning the crab race!

Drinking coconut milk!

Lovo feast