Saturday, 18 August 2012

Ferris Wheel or 'Fear'is Wheel?

Well today we went to the Hibscus Festival at a Park not far from where we live.  It was a bit like the A&P Show with a few rides etc.  No entry fee and all rides were $2 each - "great" we thought, "Let's make the most of it!"  We went on one ride and the kids enjoyed it.  Then we went on a ride that looked like a Ferris Wheel - it was not.  It looked like it went rather fast but we still thought it would be o.k.  The seats could fit all of us, which was nice, although the seats were rather uncomfortable.  The first sign that things were not o.k was when the four small kids got on the seat in front and the lock didn't
 work.  The guys took a few minutes to fix it with what looked like number 8 wire!  It was rather high (I am not so good with heights!) but I was very brave!  Well it finally started for real.  It went so fast and we rocked so much we were all a little worried at one point or another - even Jeremy!  Then it started to slow - "my prayers have been answered!" I thought but they were just changing operators.  You get more for your money in Fiji - the rides are so long it is ridiculous.  Well the next operator was even faster.  When we went up we were struggling to stay in our seats.  I am sure that if got any
faster the seat was going to go completely upside down.  If I wasn't trying to brave for the kids I would have probably cried.  Eventually Jeremy nodded to the operator to let him know we had had enough.    He slowed and soon we were off.  There seemed to be a lot of the crowd looking at us as we got off.  Paige looked like she had just escaped death.  When I asked her how she would describe the experience she said, "scary, horrifying, falling, blah (as in sick) and terrifying!"  We all agree.

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  1. Yikes that sounds freaky. I am glad you all touched the ground safe and unharmed (physically at least) Hope you are all doing great and enjoying your stay all our love to you guys from Shona, Brianna, Jakob and myself. Take good care guys God Bless :o)