Friday, 17 August 2012

Finding my Place

When I am in NZ I know my place.  I know how I fit in the world around me.  I know what is expected of me and generally what people will think of me.   I know the small ways of Kiwis that make us unique – our sense of humour and our speech.  But in another culture it is easy to feel lost.  People don’t always understand you, your jokes are not always that funny to them and sarcasm gets easily lost.  I don’t know what people think of me and I don’t know what is expected of me.  I feel a little lost.
The truth is, my behaviour should never be based on what others expect of me or of what others think of me, the only opinion that ever matters it the Lords.  This is where I need to start.  Suddenly the truth that the Bible is cross-cultural means so much more.  No matter what your culture, your custom or your sense of humour, the Bible stands true.  And that should be my guide in life.  I need to recognise the difference between what God says is right and wrong and what our culture says is right and wrong.  When I base myself in His word and in His guidance then no matter what culture I am in I will always know my place – in HIM!

Dylan enjoying the bugs and
  small insects.

The kids and I visited the library.

As our days become more ‘routine’ with school, games, dinner e.t.c., we are starting to miss home a little more.  It is great spending this time together but we are our only friends and sometimes that gets tough.  The kids love writing home and are hoping for some responses.  At times I feel quite isolated.  Jeremy is very busy at present and also needs to work in the evenings to get prepared for the next day.  Please pray that will be able to support each other through the hard times and look for our comfort in God.

Some of the students on the SOE

Enjoying our traditional 'Movie Night' as a family - dataprojectors are great things!  

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