Monday, 13 August 2012


Well yesterday we experienced the kind of weather us Kiwi’s expect in Fiji.  It was hot.  Not sure of the actual temperature but at bedtime it was still 26 degrees.

We went to Suva Gospel Chapel for church.  It was a very traditional Brethren church.  One instrument – a guitar, and many fans, although I don’t think they made a difference.  The service was new for the kids but reminded me of church as a kid.  After the first service I took the kids upstairs to the kids program.  We met Joe Rocokoko’s mother-in-law.  One lady asked if Jeremy was part Fijian – do you think it was the colour of his tan!

After lunch we went walking in search of a swimming pool  A 15 min walk down the road and we found the Holliday Inn.  A motel with a swimming pool and palm trees and loungers!  If you buy a drink you can swim for free - $11 for 2 cans of coke however!  Despite my efforts at sun tanning I am still the whitest person on this island!

I read in my devotions on Saturday about trusting God.  I was reminded of the verse in Philippians 4:6-7 that we are to cast our cares upon him and he will give us peace because He cares for us.  Well by nature I prefer to worry about my cares however, peace then eludes me.  As I try to cast my cares upon him he is faithful and grants me peace.  This is obviously something the Lord really wants me to learn as it seems there is one care after another.  Please pray that I would trust the Lord and give my cares to him rather than carry them around on my shoulders.

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