Sunday, 5 August 2012

Moving Day - Again

Well this morning we shifted from our motel apartment to another room in the motel as that one was booked.  We are spending tonight in a not as nice motel room.  I have discovered that NZ has very high standards for everything.  In our room we have one frying pan with no handle, no plug for the sink, one eating knife, a bent fork and a few spoons.

Tomorrow we move into our last destination for our time in Suva.  It is a 2 bedroom flat at the back of another house.  We viewed it today and I wonder if our time in the motel was to prepare me for the house to come. 
As I had my quiet time I was reminded that God is our provider in all things.  He provides all our daily needs we just forget that some times as it all comes so easily.  As I learn again to look to God to provide our basic needs I am reminded that he is also the only one who can provide our spiritual needs.  He is the only one who can satisfy our need for love, acceptance and acknowlegement. 

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