Thursday, 2 August 2012

Moving Day

Well we have to leave the lovely Coral Coast Christian camp today as they have a group coming in.  We met a couple staying here from New Zealand.  They know a few people from Riverbend – Mr and Mrs King.  They are in their 80’s and come here each year for 6 weeks to teach at the Bible School.  She told me a few stories – none that made me feel very secure.  Just as well God is in control!

On Wednesday there was a kids club here at the camp.  It was great to get involved.   The kids got to play the games and learnt a few new ones.
Peter, our OAC contact here has found us a three bedroom in Llami, a suburb in Fiji – so mum and dad you can probably stay with us.  Apparently it will be great for the kids.  It is part of a compound owned by the church.  Hopefully it is close to everything!  I am looking forward to moving in there and getting set up.
The kids have started their school work.  They are doing really well.  I think, however, the novelty has already worn off.  Dylan has labelled his teacher name on the book as ‘hard mum’. 
This week has been really nice, a holiday after all the stress of organising everything to get here.  It has given us a break as a family as well as some time for Jeremy to get prepared for his lectures.

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