Monday, 6 August 2012

Our New Home!

So we moved out of the motel today.  We have a lot of stuff! But it is all necessary! 

 I never thought I would be excitied about our new home but I am.  It has 2 bedrooms and smells of mould and yuck but we have installed many air freshners and they almost cover the smell!  We have pots and pans with handles and I have a red jug and for those of you who know me well you will understand why I am so excited about that! It is funny how ordinary things at home are so precious here.  The kids have a yard to run around in and it is $5 in a taxi to town.  We have no TV but don't really care.  We will have to talk to each other instead I guess! 

I bought a lavalava thing today so look like a local - a very white local but at least I'm trying.  We went into town to the mall - I already have a favourite coffee shop!  That is also very exciting! 

Today the kids saw birds - no wait bats flying around outside.  Not something we see at home.  They were more excitied than I they would be.  The kids are excited about furniture - at one stage they thought they were having to share a bed!  We have that sorted. 

Thank you to all those who have prayed for this.  It really is a blessing.  I am learning everyday to appreciate the small things in life and I am realising that while in NZ we are not 'rich' people, compared to the rest of the world we are so wealthy in every way.

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