Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Pooh Yuck!

There is a terrible smell in our kitchen.  When I used the oven it got worse.  I have disinfected the oven inside, outside, top and even behind.  It smells better but still bad.  I have cleaned out the cupboards and disinfected them and the drawers.  Smelling better, but still horrid. It smells like something urinated over everything, many, many times!

This was in the bottom cupboard!

The kids are getting used to a different lifestyle and realising that some things are harder here but that is just the way it is.  We all have to walk to the supermarket or pay for a taxi – Jem and I prefer walking.  We all have to pitch in with jobs and there is no T.V.  Dylan and Paige have both learnt to play patience.  

Today, once the oven was clean, I made scones.  It is good to do 'normal' things.

Jeremy had a meeting last night about the school.  So far there are 20 enrolled which is great.  They are hoping for more but I think Jeremy is quite content with that number.  A big school is harder to run alone.  He is working hard trying to get ready to lecture.
 As the kids are using our one small table to work on he has had to work on the bed. 

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