Thursday, 9 August 2012

Shopping in Fiji!

Yesterday we went to the Laucala Sports Mall - not as exciting as it sounds.  We found a new Supermarket and did some shopping.  We have been to the supermarket many times over the last week.  As we had nothing to begin with there were a lot of things to get.  I took some photos of some things to show their prices.  We will not be having chocolate here!

 $15.95 for a cake of Whittakers Chocolate!  $33.95 for M&Ms and $30.95 for a box of nut bars!  Fijian dollar of course but still expensive!

Yesterday we went into Suva on the bus.  Quite an experience.  Suva is the place where NZ sends the buses it deems not good enough!  There were no windows, which wasn't a bad thing, but the fumes were unbelievable.  Here we are waiting at the bus depot in town ready to come home.  There were so many buses and so many fumes and people.  The bus makes so many stops on the way home it probably would have been quicker to walk.

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