Monday, 13 August 2012

SOE begins!

So far our trip to Fiji has been a great adventure.  We have had many challenging circumstances over the last 2 weeks.  Yet because of your prayers and the goodness of the God we serve he has answered all our prayers and helped us in every way.
Life in Fiji is very different than life in NZ as you have been learning from our blog.  But in all the differences and in living with reptiles and bugs we have cherished and loved every minute.  It hasn’t all been easy but we are really enjoying our experience.
We went to church on Sunday and the kids wondered why there were actions to the songs and the sermon.  There was a sign language person at the front as many of the congregation were deaf.  A van of people come over to the church from the Fiji Deaf school we receive newsletter from at Riverbend.

Rugby on the Beach
When we were at Coral Coast in the evenings the locals would go to the beach and play touch.  What a blast!  The first games of touch I felt like a fish out of water a little.  They play touch very differently.  We play that a team is able to get 6 touches before handover.  Here they play one touch!  Although it was different it was great to play.  I love every minute of it (although I’m sure my body didn’t agree).  The hardest thing about playing was that after the game all 30 of us starting doing sprints, push-ups and sit-ups.  This pain continued for another 30 mins.  When the training session of death was finally over we sang a hymn, individuals prayed and they asked me to say a few words.  Before I left they asked me to play for their team in a tournament but unfortunately I couldn’t.  But praise God we can use something as simple as sport to connect with others.
The reason for coming to Fiji
Finally, today the first SOE in Fiji kicked off.  All the prep. and planning was done and now it is time to start the course.  Who would turn up, how well would I be able to communicate to this group of people?  These were some of the thoughts going through my mind. 
Today at the school we had 24 students from all over Fiji and one from Tonga.  We have about 5 ladies and the rest men.  As we went through the lectures on the topic of Personal Development it was hot!  About 29 degrees.  No air-con yet the Lord was at work despite people probably mistaking me for a waterfall as I spoke (with the sweat pouring off!)
It was a very encouraging time when I covered the session on “Are you related?” (Are we truly children of God?)  About 5 students realised that they weren’t and committed their lives to the Lord.
Here in Fiji there are many Bible Schools but not a lot of opportunities to be equipped or released into practical ministry with the Gospel which is where their hearts are at.  They never learn how to reach people with the gospel and impact a community.  Often they feel they have no real pathway to ministry or tools to fulfil the great commission. This is why we are seeking to run the SOE, to equip people for ministry and create a pathway where they can serve their church and community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
 - Jeremy

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  1. I guess that explains why they're so good at Sevens rugby.

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Keep up the good work.

    God bless