Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SOE Update

Well the SOE has been going for over a week now and things continue to go from strength to strength.  We have about 28 in the class which includes of couple of OAC staff. 
The students have been very inspired and encouraged in their faith and with the task of making Christ known in their communities.  Friday was our first afternoon of official outreaches, although some have been so inspired that they have been engaging in evangelism before this in their spare time.

Last Friday afternoon I broke the class into 2 teams.  One team endeavoured to communicate the gospel through door to door while the other team engaged in personal evangelism.  Reports came back and there was great rejoicing.

Many of the students were very nervous and scared.  Some have been involved in preaching at different times in a church but they have never gone and talked to a non-Christian about the gospel personally.

In the reports back they were so excited about how the Lord used them to communicate the gospel to people.  How as they overcame their fears they were able to sow the seed of the gospel in the lives of a people that don’t yet know the Lord.  That afternoon 2 people with a Catholic background received Christ as Lord of their lives.

At the moment Lew Meyer (OAC NZ National Director) is here teaching.  This has enabled me to have a small break.  He is covering how to share the gospel to different religions and cults, more specifically Hindu, Muslim, Mormon and J.W’s., the students are loving this part of the course.  These other religions are some of the main enemies to the expansion of the gospel in Fiji.

Please pray for
·         Health – I am fighting a cold at the moment
·         Continual effectiveness in equipping these students for effective evangelism
·         That the students would see many come to Christ and disciple them well.

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