Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A Final Note on the SOE

Truly inspiring!  As I think back over the last few weeks and reflect on the School of Evangelism I’m so humbled by everything.  First, the support and prayers of all of you who have been praying and encouraging us has been fantastic.  When you are in a different country and away from everything familiar every comment and every skype message and letters from home are like oxygen for the soul.

Secondly, the staff of OAC Fiji.  Without them and their commitment and servant hearts to the Lord we would not have had an SOE (or a place to stay).  They have made all of this possible.  Bless this team!

Thirdly, the students on the SOE.  They have been such a blessing in OAC.  We look for F.A.T. people (Faithful, Available and Teachable).  All the students at different times have had their challenges but all have shown that they are F.A.T.  A number of students are seeking to do internships with OAC over the next few months.

Fourthly, the potential opportunities.  The Lord has been so good.  The Methodist church in Fiji is by far the biggest denomination in the country.  Between 50-80% of Christians are Methodist.  They call the Methodist the ‘sleeping giant of Fiji, and if she would awake revival shall sweep through this land.  Through the SOE we have started to develop good connections with some of the leaders with the Methodist church and God willing that would continue so that we might have the privilege of the SOE at being part of their training process for their ministers in training.  Please pray for this to become a reality.

Fifthly, the Lords blessing – without Him we can do nothing, but with Him nothing is impossible!  Over this time the Lords provision guidance and answers to prayer have been mind blowing.  We were stopped by the government so we couldn’t do open airs but through prayer God overruled!  We were stopped by the government to go into schools- again God overruled.  The weather threatened an outreach but again God over ruled and in that hour (the only hour that day) there was no rain which meant we could hold the outreach and hundreds got to hear the gospel.  The Lord is good and great is his power.
Our next SOE in Fiji is planned in July 15th 2013.  Please will you commit to praying for us and this SOE, Fiji.

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