Monday, 3 September 2012

A note from Vicki-Lee's Parents

We arrived at Suva Airport to see a very excited family outside the security fence jumping up and down and waving. The people on the plane said you have a very excited family waiting for you, they knew they were our family as nearly everyone on the plane were dark skinned.
We then got a taxi to where the Dempsey’s are living, it is certainly not in luxury.  The way I would describe the flat is a very basic beach batch with no hot water and no modern conveniences. I think they are doing very well as it is not easy to get used to this way of living. However Vicki-Lee still manages to cook biscuits and lovely meals.  The children have done remarkably well with few toys to play with and no TV. although the school work has kept Vicki-Lee and the children busy.  It makes you realise we don’t really need all that we have in NZ and how fortunate we all are.  
 Jem took me to a local Baptist Church where he was guest speaker, we were collected at 4.00pm for a service at 5 which started at 5.30 (that’s Fiji time) and finished at about 7.30 and then we had refreshments leaving about 8.30pm.  Jem was able to share some of his experiences and encourage the mostly youth there.
It has certainly been an experience for us too. We have had a great time staying with them and appreciate their hospitality.  (Martin and Sheryle Telford - Vicki-Lee's parents)


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