Monday, 17 September 2012

SOE is over!

Well the very first ever School of Evangelism for Fiji is over and we have had graduation.  What a great day.  It was a great celebration as we had the privilege of acknowledging the hard work of 26 students.  Jeremy spoke, some of the students shared and each received a certificate.  It was an emotional day as the group remembered the experience they have all shared over the past 5 weeks.  Over 100 lives were surrendered to Christ; 26 men and women were equipped with the knowlege, experience and passion to effectively share with the people in their community; and the School of Evangelism was officially introduced to Fiji.  What a wonderful God we serve.

It was also a humbling day for us as a family.  Jeremy's hard work and skill in teaching was acknowleged and the children and I were also thanked for our sacrifice in making the school possible.  We were all given gifts and thanked and had many photo requests.  All that we have done has been by the grace of God and all glory is to him.

I couldn't be prouder of our children.  They have survived without T.V. (it is actually possible - who knew!), they even survived without toys! They have met many new friends however I have been their only constanat friend and school teacher (not as much fun as they thought!)  They have had to walk almost everywhere and after the first week did so without complaining.  They have had to go grocery shopping with me each week.  That means the enormous vege market with many people and many smells and then the supermarket with it's narrow aisles and wonky trolleys.  They have even had to listen to daddy preach for hours on end (just kidding)!  Well done to my darling children.  I am so proud to be a part of your lives.

We went to church this morning where Jeremy briefly shared (as brief as an evangelist can be) and we were blessed with lunch, great conversation with others whose heart is to reach the lost for Christ.  God is great!

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