Saturday, 1 September 2012


Friday was a very exciting day – my parents arrived.  The kids and I caught a cab to the airport.  We were waving so furiously at the plane the person in the seat behind mum and dad (who were waving back) commented on the excited family waiting.

They came back to our house and commented on how the photos were very kind!  Our house is a rugged kiwi beach bach – that is how we think of it. They said it was a culture shock.  They bought us a cake of chocolate each (hooray) and lollies and my favourite mocha drink – we are very happy!

On Saturday we went to Lami and had lunch at the Novotel.  We caught the bus into town (an experience!) and then a cab out to Lami.  We swam at their pool and Jeremy found a sea snake.  We then caught a boat out to Mosquito island – an island with no mosquito’s as they spray the entire island.  It looked better from Novotel!  We walked around the island and saw all sorts of ‘sea life’.

On Sunday we went to Colo I Suva – the National Forest park and walked into the bush to a natural pool with a waterfall where most of us swam.  It was lovely walk.  We then had lunch and a swim at the beautiful Raintree lodge.  It was a great day.

Here are some photos of Jeremy doing an Open Air in Suva.  They were originally turned down for a permit but finally got on the day before!

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