Wednesday, 27 March 2013

2013! Fiji here we come - again!

Well we haven't blogged for a while but that is because it was set up purely for our Adventure in Fiji.  Well I am back again as the adventure is happening all over in 2013!

This year we are heading back to Fiji for about 7 weeks to run another SOE.  It looks like it is shaping up to be bigger than the first.  It is exciting to see such a ministry thrive.
As a family will do the adventure all over again.  Once again we do not know where we will be staying but we also know that just as God provided abundantly last time He will do so again. Please pray for us as we prepare our hearts, as well as the practical things for this trip.  We need to arrange flights, accomodation, school supplies etc for our family and then there is the multitude that Jeremy needs to get sorted for the school.  We value your prayers.
We are having a fundraiser to help us on our journey on the 11 May at Riverbend Bible Church. Please pray that God would bless this event.

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