Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Delight yourself in the Lord!

Well my son pointed out that we have 4 weeks left in Suva.  Not long really.  Even though we have just had a visit from my parents I am starting to miss home.  Or rather notice the absence of friends and the things I am involved in.  As I have my quiet time and ponder this before the Lord I am forced to realise that at home I find much fulfilment in work, home, family, friends and my daily routine and even T.V.  The absence of these things has made me question where my true fulfilment lies.  Obviously I should find all fulfilment in Christ and Him alone but the reality is I turn, not consciously, but still I turn to many things everyday to fill my time and to make me feel needed, useful and purposeful.  As I do without these things I am brought to a place where I need to seek God to fulfil each of my needs as I am without my usual stimuli!  It is a great place to be, really, but not so easy.  Please pray for me.  That I would turn to Him and delight in Him in all aspects of daily living that I might find all fulfilment in Him and Him alone.

Today Jeremy told me that one of his students has broken her hip.  Their class is up a flight of stairs!  She managed her way up the stairs to tell them she couldn't make it today but that she would be back tomorrow. It is wonderful to see people so hungry.

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