Sunday, 21 July 2013


Today we went to the Suva St Gospel Chapel where Jeremy was asked to preach.  It is a small chapel on a busy and noisy corner.  Dylan took Paige upstairs to the Sunday School where they spent most of their time.
Jeremy spoke on Prayer.  He was so good - so passionate.  It was his first time with an interpreter - not Fijian to English but rather into sign language.  The Suva St Gospel Chapel is the church where the School for the Deaf in Fiji come each Sunday.  It was lovely to fellowship with them.  We were a bit worried at first because by the first song there were only about 6 of us who were audible.  Church started at 10 and the elders arrived at 10.15 which is when we started the service - Fiji time!   We survived and had a great morning.

I have been struggling a bit lately.  It is funny how God uses new situations to bring home old truths.  I know that a persons 'success' is not based on wealth or looks or possessions or even education.  It is not measured by what we achieve but rather true success is measured by our obedience and devotion to the Lord.  It seems however that I have been measuring my success by other things.  I discovered this as I have felt very 'unsuccessful' lately. 

Apparently I measure my 'worth' or 'value' by how well my housework is up to date, how disciplined I have been with my exercise, how well I prepare food and how 'good' my homemaking abilities are.  Well here, according to that, I am not so successful!  I am good with my exercise but all our food and eating is different. Our last pizza was undercooked and the chips were soft (different oven), I burnt my choc slice and accidently used casserole meat in a stir fry!   

I have a sasa broom to sweep the floor (a bunch of sticks tied together!) and my homemaking seems lacking.  I feel like my whole world is upside down and I have to reassess what I offer in this world.  As I had my quiet time I was reminded that I should instead judge my success by my love for the Lord and my love for my neighbour.  I would appreciate your prayers as I try to readjust my thoughts to that of Scripture that I may continue to honour the Lord and not be so hard on myself in my 'living' in Fiji.

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