Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Visitors Arrive!

Monday was an exciting day.  My mum and dad were visiting.  They were due to arrive at 11.15am so that meant school would be shorter for the kids - double exciting!  We were going to leave for the airport at 10.10am but then received a text saying they were grounded in Auckland due to fog.  Then another text came and another.  Finally at 1.11pm they left Auckland.

We got to the airport in time to see the plane arrive.  We then waited for them to get off the plane.  I knew they were brining a surprise with them - the kids did not.  I videoed them as I wanted to see their faces when the surprise arrived.  The surprise was their cousin.  Watch the video below - it was worth the wait and funny stares from others at the airport!
They bought chocolate - thanks mum and dad! We have enjoyed looking around town and the kids have enjoyed showing Cameron what they get up to.

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