Monday, 8 July 2013

We have internet!

Well we have been in Fiji now for 4 days and already my tan is evident!  We arrived on Friday at lunch time and were eventually picked up from the airport by our dear friend Peter who is on the OAC Committee here. He takes good care of us helping us to get set up. 

He took us to a possible 'house' to look at.  It was the third floor down in a house that cascaded the hillside into a gully.  It was under construction a little bit and so was in need of a good clean.  It looked ok but the was no oven and the fridge was about 3 rooms from the kitchen.  The kids were no so keen.

We then travelled to another house that my dad found online with Harcourts. This is the one we choose.  It is a lovely 3 bedroom place with an office.  We are upstairs with others living below us.  It is bright and sunny.  We have running hot water, a new fridge, oven and washing machine to ourselves and it is clean and homey.  The kids preferred this one. We stayed with a lovely Fijian family for the weekend who treated us very well and have now settled in and are very happy. 

We went to Unity Baptist Church on Sunday where Robert Siakimotu and his wife were visiting.  We ended up having lunch with them and others from church which was really nice.  God has been good to us.  We also met an Australian family that has lived here for 8 years.  They gave Jem their details and so we will meet up with them at some stage. It is such a blessing to be in this place.

The School of Evangelism starts on Monday and so Jeremy will meet with the committee sometime this week.  At this stage they have over 30 ready to come but that could easily climb to 40.  Please pray for the students getting ready to begin the school and also for Jeremy and the last minute details that need to be sorted out.

Thanks for all your prayers.  We are all safe, happy and warm!


  1. Hi Guys

    That all sounds very good. It seems like the accommodation is up to scratch!! No word on the toilet door though...

    God bless

  2. A toilet door is provided - as one would expect! It is just like a real house!

  3. Hi Guys,
    Glad to see you are settling in well
    Know that we are praying for you and the school

    Stephen Houghton