Saturday, 13 July 2013

What is Normal?

Well we have been here a little over a week now and are feeling somewhat settled.  It is a blessing to live in a real house this time.  I have not internet on my computer and are having trouble getting my emails so if you emailed me and I have not replied that is why.

This is our house.  We have a real kitchen, a dining table - where we do all our school work. There is also a table in the kitchen and another on our balcony. 
This is the view from our balcony.  We also have ocean views out the other side but my camera went flat!

We are developing a good routine with school and daily activities although I have to get used to doing housework etc outside of school hours.  The kids are not on 'holiday' yet as they will have some time off when my parents come to visit.  We will also have a week off when we venture up the coast and stay on Plantation Island.

Every time I visit a new country it isn't long before I feel a little lost and insecure.  At home in NZ I know how I fit in my society and in my culture.  But in a new country I am very out of place.  Here in Fiji I look different, sound different, not everyone understands what I am talking about, I don't think anyone gets my sense of humour, I have no idea what most things in the vege market are let alone what to do with them and I think I insulted the bus driver! 

Being so out of place has made me feel a little uneasy as I don't know how I fit.  As I pondered this last night I realised that at home I compare myself to the world around me to find how 'well I am doing'.  But that strategy is not right! I am reminded that my standard for functioning and how I behave needs to be judged against the standard of God's Word.  The kindness and compassion He calls for is necessary in all cultures.  The love for people is needed the world wide and my pursuit of holiness should be the world over.  Please pray for me that I would focus on what He desires from me not what the world or culture around me expects.

One other thing that makes me feel a little uneasy about Fiji is the Australian influence - even the Weetbix has been affected!

Jeremy has done some preparation for the SOE and is looking forward to starting it.  This year he is in a church with Air conditioning so that is quite exciting - although I am worried that the students will get cold.  It is his birthday on Wednesday - but no day off!  Pray that we would be able to make it special and that we would pick a restaurant with good food!

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  1. Hey Vicki-Lee :) I'm SO thankful to hear of God's providence through your Dad finding such a fantastic house. Here's to homeschooling from the dining table ;) Thanks for sharing how the Lord has graciously exposed an area for spiritual growth, and I'll be praying for you as you seek God's wisdom in how to 'be' in Fiji, and "...learn what is pleasing to the Lord" through His Word (Eph.5:8-10). Lots of love, Chantelle