Friday, 30 August 2013

Our Final Week in Fiji and the Trek home

We finished up in Suva and headed out West towards Port Denerau to catch the Malolo Cat out to Plantation Island.  This week is a holdiay week and has proved to be a blessing we never knew we needed.  It makes for a great transition from living in Suva to returning to N.Z.  It provides an opportunity for us to spend some relaxation time as a family just having fun.  It is a great stepping stone from living in Fijian culture to returning to NZ culture.  And we had fun.

Having Dinner in the restaurant on the beach. Buffet dinner just means you eat too much!

The kids get to go into the Plantation Island Kids Club if they wish.  This day they got to go on a trip in the Semisubmersible boat.  I managed to get on also.  The boat has a cavity under the water that you can go and sit in and look out the window at the coral reef and the fish.  Very cool.

And when they are not in the kids club they enjoy swimming in the pool and on the slide with the friends they have made.  We also get to go snorkelling, kayaking and just relaxing on the beach.
 The kids club also means we get to spend some time together alone.  No babysitters in Fiji so we don't get a lot of time together without kids.
This year Paige got to get her hair braided.  It took 1 1/2 hours but it looks awesome.

Yay!  Here we are at the airport ready to go home! 2pm

But wait - here we have discovered our flight is delayed from 9.35pm to 11.59pm!

And this is after finding out our flight has been cancelled and we are now on the AirNZ flight at 1.30am!

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