Saturday, 10 August 2013

Perfect Fiji Day!

Yesterday was a perfect Fiji day.  Jeremy and Dylan spent some special time together while Paige and I did the same.  We caught the bus to town together and then went our separate ways at the market.  Paige and I left the boys to do some shopping.  We went to Rups Big Bear, a large department store that sells everything.  We decided to have some fun trying on Indian Traditional Sari's.  They look so beautiful in all the shops (and there are a lot that sell them) that we had to give it a go.  We found a lovely assistant to help us.

We then headed back out into the streets to do some shopping.  We found a lovely colourful long dress for Paige - she looks so grown up!

We went to Gloria Jeans coffee shop for lunch where we bought one, or rather one each, slices of cake.  The big beautiful looking cakes that I usually only admire!  We split them up and had half of each cake.  Paige was offering to finish mine but once she got half way through she changed her mind and barely finished her own.  We were pigs!  Our eyes are definitely bigger than our stomachs!

We then walked to the Holiday Inn Hotel to meet up with the boys and have a swim.  It was about 35 degrees yesterday so it was a great day for hanging out by the pool.  There were some other kids there so that was really nice for Dylan and Paige who miss playing with other children. 

The kids spent the evening chanting a  song out a Peter Pan movie, that they slightly altered, to Jeremy "Why is the white man red?"    As you may have figured there was a bit of sunburn.

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