Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Summary of Week 4 SOE

The focus of this training is often looked down upon.  It is not considered to be the height of ministry and is often only considered as a stepping stone to something greater.  The ministry is underfunded, under focused, undervalued and under resourced.  That is the ministry to children.

Over 50% of the world’s population are too young to vote yet, in a lot of places, they are an unreached people group in many countries.  As we launched into this week we looked at why we should evangelise children.  We looked at God’s attitude as opposed to man’s attitude.    It is an interesting observation when Jesus tells the parables of the lost sheep and lost prodigal son.  The context is always concerning children not adults.  Dr Rueben Torey makes this statement, “The younger we can get a child to timely accept Christ and then begin his Christian training, the more beautiful will be the product of our work.  Children make the best Christians workers.  I have seen this to be fact around the world.”  So in class we looked at some of the dangers that people can fall into when evangelizing children and become equipped to reach them effectively.

Some of the students were nervous concerning the outreaches as one student felt they never related to children that well.  She was proven wrong.  After one program,  that the students did at a school of over 100 children, a bunch of girls swarmed around her asked her to teach them more about the Lord.  She felt so blown away, encouraged and blessed that despite her fears she was able to help people understand our amazing God in a deeper way.

Over this week the students went into a low cost housing area and ran two programs where around 100 kids attended.  A number of them were interested in developing a relationship with the Lord.  The students also broke up into two groups and went to two different schools.  One of the schools had over 790 kids and we ran our program outside with a faulty PA system.  The team did so well despite the circumstances.  This school had a high rate of Hindu and Muslim kids.

The other school was quite a lot smaller with about 100 children.  After the program was finished it was lunch time and more than half the students gave up their lunch time over the 2 days to talk and learn more about the one who takes away the sin of the world.   All up over the week we shared Christ with well over 1000 students.

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  1. It was a priveledge 4 me to see the need in this young children's lives..