Thursday, 1 August 2013

The SOE!



Looking back over week one of the SOE it was a great week – tiring but rewarding.  We were  able to cover a lot in a short amount of time.  We looked at how a person is approved by God.  Not by our performance or goodness but only by the grace he lavishes out on us.  We also looked at the maturity process according to 1 John which seemed to have brought a new found freedom and excitement to the student’s faith.




Changing tact a bit we looked at “The Hour that changed the World”.  The life and discipline of prayer.  What an inspiring time as we unlocked important yet neglected aspects of prayer like waiting, watching, Scripture praying and listening.  So often we treat prayer like a one way communication.  We forget that Christianity is about relationship and God is eagerly communicating to us all day long, yet often we fail to take the direction that he is constantly giving to us.  As the Lord encourages us to take prayer more seriously and rely more on him we begin to dig deep into his Word taking a fresh look at its power and the importance of dividing it correctly.  The Word of God is powerful  but so many times we can limit its power by ripping it out of context and apply God’s word to our lives in ways the Lord never meant for us to do. 


By the end of the personal development section of the course we were tired – mentally, physically and emotionally spent yet God has been at work.  He has helped us become more secure in who we are in Christ.  He’s inspired us to not settle for the pleasures of the world but pursue Him and only Him.  He has given us a mission to preach and defend His Word with our whole being to our very last breath in his strength.  This as a class is what we desire to do.  This is the least we can do because Christ breathed his last for us!  To be continued.

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