Saturday, 17 August 2013

Two weeks to go!

Yesterday we celebrated the graduation of the students from Fiji SOE 2013.  It is such a privilege to be a part of this.  As I watch Jem in action and feel so blessed that the Lord has chosen to use him, and so our family, in this way. 

While I have very little to do with the SOE myself the students always seem so appreciative towards me and the kids as if we had given to them ourselves.  Which is why it is so humbly to receive gifts and to be honoured with a special flower neck garland (which I can't remember the name of!).  The kids also received shell necklaces and then gifts of Fiji necklaces and a cool ruler.  Jeremy was given a neat photo frame and I received a woven handbag with Fiji printed on it.  We are so blessed to be a part of the work here - that alone is a great gift!

With only 2 weeks to go before we return home my mind has started to think of Hastings.  As we finish up work in Suva and I start thinking of packing I feel a little homesick.  I have really enjoyed being here but lately have felt very much like it is just not home!  I am with my family and we are surrounded by many lovely people but I feel a little like I don't belong and I miss being with people who know me.  I was blessed this morning to meet a lady who lived in Palmerston North for a short period while she studied at Massey University.  It is nice to talk to someone whom you have something in common with.

Jeremy preaching at Suva St Gospel Chapel this morning
When we first arrived here there were no decorations on the walls and my creative side needed to have something.  Not wanting to spend money on such things for the short time I am here I copied out a poem from a book I was reading.  It starts like this...
"Give us, Oh Lord,
steadfast hearts that cannot be dragged down by false loves;
give us courageous hearts that cannot be worn down by trouble;
give us righteous hearts that cannot be side tracked by unholy or unworthy goals."

This morning in church the pastor spoke about our home being in heaven.  Hastings is not my home.  I should not be 'in love' with my home here on earth but rather "set my mind on things above."

It takes a 'manly man' to wear a skirt so well!

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  1. Thanks for all your updates; it is exciting to hear how God is at work in your lives! Keep your eyes on Him!