Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Week 2 - SOE

During Week 2 of the SOE we covered Personal Evangelism and Apologetics.  These topics are vital when it comes to defending and communicating the basis of our faith.  Within the Christian community we need to take a serious look at the topic of Evangelism.  So many people seem to have lost confidence in the saving power of the gospel.  We try to add things to it and redefine it all in an attempt to make it more appealing to non-Christians so they can’t help but accept it.  Often in our attempts we remove the very life giving ingredients that bring about transformation.

In class we have wrestled with what the Bible really teaches about Evangelism.  There was a lot of repentance as we searched the Scriptures and realised that a lot of our churches are involved in a lot of activities that we call evangelism yet no actual evangelism is taking place.  They are involved in a lot of good works but the power of God is left unused.  The students became committed to be champions of the Gospel and evangelism in the hope Fiji might be reached for Christ.

We studied the gospel, practised presenting the gospel to each other and then went out with the gospel.  We found great success.  People are so open when it comes to the gospel.  We have shared the gospel, l through one to one on the streets and door to door, with over 300 people in a short time.  Students for the first time in their lives are seeing fruit of people surrendering their lives to Christ; Hindu’s, Muslims, religious people are all coming to faith in Christ.

One of our students witnessed to a Muslim man.  He was going through a rough time at work.  The student shared the gospel with him and sought to help where he could.  This man was so blown away with his genuine love he gave his life to Christ.  Now this man is going through hell because the Muslim leaders are trying to get his wife to leave him and they are really persecuting him.  There is a cost to following Christ but we don’t have to fear because Christ not only died for us but he defeated our greatest enemies by rising from the grave.  That same power dwells within all believers.

Praise God that our students have recognised the power of the Gospel and are beginning to minister the gospel with this power that he offers.  Because of this many are being not only reached but transformed.

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