Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Week Five update

Preaching and Communication week is normally held before Reaching Children and Families but due to the timetable of lecturers it needed to be held after.  This week we focus on the principles that make communication effective.  It is a fun but eye opening time for a lot of the students.   Most people think that it is what we know that makes us effective communicators but there are a lot of people that are experts at knowing the Scriptures but the way they communicate what they know is boring and almost gives the impression that the word of God is irrelevant to life.

Charles Spurgeon made this statement about Christian preachers, “In the world actors spend hours making something that is not truth seem real and true.  But often we have preachers in the pulpits that have the truth yet spend hours preparing and delivering God’s Word in a way that people listen and come away thinking what they have said can’t be true.”  Effective communication is not just speaking the truth it is also the way you speak about it.  It’s showing how that truth relates to the real world and to their lives.  I remember hearing it said that a reason non-Christians reject Christianity is not that they believe it is not true but rather they don’t see how it is relevant to their lives.  I wonder if much of Christian communication comes across to a lot of people today as irrelevant because we don’t understand where our audience is at so when they hear the truth it is like the seed that falls on the path and the birds of the air snatch it away.  I observed that all the other soils heard and received the Word because they understood yet the seed that fell on the path only heard the Word, it never says they received it or understood it. 

Gerald Bradley said about being an effective communicator,

“You got to know your stuff,
You got to know who your stuffing,
You need to stuff them well!”

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