Wednesday, 14 May 2014

That Time Again!

As I sit in my office looking out the window and the grey sky with on off rain I can say I am looking forward to heading back to Fiji!  We are leaving Auckland at 6am (which means we must be at the airport at 4am) on the 18 August back to Suva.  Once again Jeremy is heading up the Fiji School of Evangelism.  It is hard work but such a privilege to be able to minister to these wonderful people and a great encouragement to see them putting their learning into practice long after we have gone.

It is also a real blessing to be able to go as a family.  A great, but difficult, time for the kids and myself.  Despite the sacrifices it is a great growing experience and an opportunity to find strength in the Lord in new situations.

Please pray for us as we plan the trip and also for the expenses that this trip creates.  Pray also for our accomodation.  A fully furnished home for short term renting is a tall order in Fiji - especially on a budget so we would value your prayers.

Also pray for the team there as they prepare and advertise the school.  Pray we get a good response with lots of students who are committed to evangelism and more importantly, the Lord.

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