Friday, 29 August 2014

Just don't look!

It was a beautiful day yesterday so we had a short school day and headed to the pool.  We then went out for lunch to Tapoo.  This is a big mall made for tourists!  With quite a selection of food I order Tandori Chicken with salad and fries.  I made the mistake, however, of watching while they prepared my plate.  No one has gloves.  The fries were scooped and put into a cup scraping the bare fingers of the lady preparing them.  I then saw out the back to the man preparing the chicken.  He had a teatowel wrapped around part of his hand.  He grabbed the chicken off the skewer with his partially covered and uncovered hand and then put it on the bench top before chopping it in half.  He then lifted it onto my plate.  It is easy to be super picky and complain about the hygene but the truth is we are the ones who are 'out of the ordinary' with our super 'cleanliness'.  More people around the world eat with these standards rather than ours.  So I smile and say thank you (and definitely grace) and eat away.  It was yum!

The kids have also made some new friends.  They were brave and spoke to the kids next door and asked if they could play.  It was great.  They were nervous at first but ended up having a great afternoon.  I also met their mum, Salomi, who is a primary teacher.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Backyard

Dalo growing in drain
I always enjoy looking out into our backyard when we live in Fiji.  It is so different.  They cut the lawns with a weedwacker for one thing.  This year our backyard has 3 coconut trees - we are just waiting for the coconuts to fall off (and hopefully not on us), so we can enjoy them.  We have small cassava plants (not big enough to eat) and some dalo (taro) growing in our very own open drain.  We have some banana trees (hopefully we will see bananas on them before we leave) and rubbish heap.  It appears we also have some local wildlife.  Today we saw two small mongoose.  I was excited to get some good photos of one this year.  I seemed somewhat interested in me too.

Banana trees

Small cassava plants
Coconut tree!

Small inquisitive mongoose

As we get stuck into our second week I am reminded how different my life is here.  I get to be a bit more selfish back in Hastings as I have more time to myself.  Here, however, others are dependant on me all the time.  Dylan and Paige are great company but the adjustment to a different lifestyle is just that - an adjustment.  God is good.  He challenges us so that we will not do things in our own strength but rather rely on Him.  While this may be difficult at times it is a good way to be.  The truth is we are always reliant on Him we just don't always know it.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

One week down!

SO we have been here 1 week already.  It has gone so fast but at the same time it feels like we never left.  Living on the same street as last time makes it feel a lot like home.  I thought I would give you a one week overview - on a scale of 1 -1 0  (one being 'all is good' and 10 being 'get me home now!')

 Bugs and creepy crawlies              1         only one cockroach and tiny spider inside        
Homesickness                                1         This feels a bit like home and the letter on Thursday helped
Cleanliness                                    2           Our blankets leave amazing amounts of fluff everywhere but                                                                                                        our newly renovated home is clean and fresh
School work                               5            Jeremy had first week at home and was distracting but we have                                                                                                                                  started
Sleep                                           5            We have a real bed this year - but sleeping is still broken
Tan                                            8              Only a couple of opportunities to get in the sun - still time though
Boredom                                   7              Already read 2 books, done 3 puzzles and watched a Chinese                                                                                                                        soap opera

Overall things are going well. Before we left we were given a pile of letters and treats.  We are to read them one a week.  Thursday I opened the first one.  A few chocs and a greatly encouraging message.  Can't wait till next Thurs.
 We miss you all.
Today is the first day for the SOE so I will update you again soon with some more serious news!

Monday, 18 August 2014

We have arrived!

The alarm went off at 3.10am.  We had to be at the airport at 4am.  The flight would leave at 6am.  Why do you have to be there 2 hours early!  Well that is because that is just how long it takes.  We waited in a large queue then had to rearrange some luggage, then pay for the overweight!.  It was a long walk to the gate and we got there with about 10 min before boarding.
The flight was good and we arrived just before 9am to a warm 24 degrees.  It was overcast but pleasant.  Peter, our OAC contact, took us to view a 2 bedroom house on the same street as last year.  It got the tick of approval and we moved in later that day.  We feel very blessed to be in such a great place.  Small but newly renovated with new appliances (except no oven) and very clean (except for the dust from the white ants!)  God has been so good!
Check it out!

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Counting Down!

Only 11 sleeps to go!
Waking up on these cold mornings just makes my excitment for our trip to Fiji grow.  Things are slowly falling into place but please keep praying for us over the next week as we begin to pack and prepare for our trip. Also pray for the hearts of the students - that God would prepare them for the few weeks ahead and for those that will hear the Gospel.
This Saturday night at Riverbend Bible Church is a fundraiser for our trip.  We would love to see you.  It should be a good fun night for the family.