Friday, 29 August 2014

Just don't look!

It was a beautiful day yesterday so we had a short school day and headed to the pool.  We then went out for lunch to Tapoo.  This is a big mall made for tourists!  With quite a selection of food I order Tandori Chicken with salad and fries.  I made the mistake, however, of watching while they prepared my plate.  No one has gloves.  The fries were scooped and put into a cup scraping the bare fingers of the lady preparing them.  I then saw out the back to the man preparing the chicken.  He had a teatowel wrapped around part of his hand.  He grabbed the chicken off the skewer with his partially covered and uncovered hand and then put it on the bench top before chopping it in half.  He then lifted it onto my plate.  It is easy to be super picky and complain about the hygene but the truth is we are the ones who are 'out of the ordinary' with our super 'cleanliness'.  More people around the world eat with these standards rather than ours.  So I smile and say thank you (and definitely grace) and eat away.  It was yum!

The kids have also made some new friends.  They were brave and spoke to the kids next door and asked if they could play.  It was great.  They were nervous at first but ended up having a great afternoon.  I also met their mum, Salomi, who is a primary teacher.

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  1. Interesting meal! I would love to know what the green stuff next to the salad is?