Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Our Backyard

Dalo growing in drain
I always enjoy looking out into our backyard when we live in Fiji.  It is so different.  They cut the lawns with a weedwacker for one thing.  This year our backyard has 3 coconut trees - we are just waiting for the coconuts to fall off (and hopefully not on us), so we can enjoy them.  We have small cassava plants (not big enough to eat) and some dalo (taro) growing in our very own open drain.  We have some banana trees (hopefully we will see bananas on them before we leave) and rubbish heap.  It appears we also have some local wildlife.  Today we saw two small mongoose.  I was excited to get some good photos of one this year.  I seemed somewhat interested in me too.

Banana trees

Small cassava plants
Coconut tree!

Small inquisitive mongoose

As we get stuck into our second week I am reminded how different my life is here.  I get to be a bit more selfish back in Hastings as I have more time to myself.  Here, however, others are dependant on me all the time.  Dylan and Paige are great company but the adjustment to a different lifestyle is just that - an adjustment.  God is good.  He challenges us so that we will not do things in our own strength but rather rely on Him.  While this may be difficult at times it is a good way to be.  The truth is we are always reliant on Him we just don't always know it.


  1. Thanks for the news and photos, Vicki-Lee! I enjoy hearing what you're up to. And I totally agree that it is good to be reminded that we need to be fully reliant on God, but the situation to do that is not usually amongst familiarity and comfort!
    Luv, MH

  2. Hello from E1!
    Some comments...
    Your back yard sounds cool with the coconuts. Isabelle
    That mongoose is a funny looking critter! Mrs W
    You're lucky that you get a banana tree. Marlies
    Is it hot? Samuel