Monday, 1 September 2014

From Hope To Despair and Back Again!

Well we arrived safely as you all know and the Lord has been good to us providing all our needs.  We feel extremely blessed because of your prayers and the encouragments that we have been receiving.
Well when we arrived we had a meeting with the OAC Committee about the final plans for the School of Evangelism.  We had 18 students registered to come.  This was incredible as I found out that the promotion for the school was delayed and didn’t start until a couple of months ago.
With great expectation came great hope, until everything changed.  9am Monday morning the SOE was supposed to start.  We had only one student there.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  People were contacting the team saying, “Sorry can’t come now.” Or “Does it start today? Sorry I can’t come.”  Excitement and hope turned to despair and embarrassment.  I felt so bad and guilty as I thought about everybody that had been praying for us and all the gifts that were given so we could come.  How could I explain it?  It was a disaster!
Despite the circumstances God is always in contro.l  Day one we had 4 students. By the end of the week we had 8.  Although this is a small school the students are quality people that love God.  We have people from government workers and trained engineers to one guy who lived on the streets until Jesus changed his life.
One of our students is the wife of a pasotr that has the biggest church in Fiji.  They hire a stadium each week and bus people in all over Suva.  At this stage their desire is to use our training next year for their leaders and people and they can afford to send up to 30 people a year. 
Well a week has now gone by and it has been a roller coaster of hope to despair then back to hope and excitment again all because of your prayers and the Lord’s moving.
We have just started the Personal Evangelism part of the course.  The students are excited but scared at the same time.  As we embark on preaching the gospel to the world pray they would find their strength in the Lord.

Praise and Prayer
·         Thank the Lord for His provision so far
·         Thank him for the numbers to run a school
·         Wisdom for me as I equip the students
·         Strength – the lectures run from 9am to 2.30 and are then followed by outreach till 4.30.
·         Students families – health and safety so nothing will distract the students from the course.
·         Students will be bold
·         Confindence in speaking as some can speak English but struggle with it at times.


  1. Hi Guys keep up the good work
    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."
    Shane Vink

  2. Our prayers and thoughts are with you guys always, thanks for going and doing this work. God Bless.

  3. We'll still keep praying!! Jereiah 29:7,11
    Thanks for the news, you never know where this may lead... maybe God gave fewer students this year because the ripples from this might be large and any more could be too much in the future? (What I mean is, if 30 come next year from one church, it would be a ginourmous task if that many came next year from each other church?) Remember Jesus only had 12 disciples...
    But I know what you mean, being in a similar situation with a certain opt-in Bible in School situation.... at least you have freedom of what to teach!
    And I enjoyed reading the news from Dylan and Paige, too. Good to hear that they are making friends there and having fun. Wow, Dylan, your creative writing about Suva is amazing, you should do more of that! Write a book, maybe?
    Luv, MH

  4. God will never provide for your needs to get you somewhere, for you to turn up for no reason - there is a reason in all he does, and his word will never fail to return until the purpose for which he sent it is achieved. Be faithful with the ones he has given you, he will add the increase, we sow and water, he causes the growth.

    1. Good, concise summary, Andrew :-)