Thursday, 11 September 2014

Week Four update

So here’s my top ten for this week.

Bugs and such     4    Apparently we have a vast number of baby toads in our lawn, lots of                  
                    grasshoppers and the millipede’s are working their way inside.
Homesickness    1  Not really homesick.  Kids miss friends but Skype is a wonderful thing.
School work       3    Kids are working well but some days it is just too hot!
Sleep                   5     I am doing fine but Jem has been struggling with this one.
Tan                      5      We have had a couple of good days but this week has been cloudy
Boredom           3        I have gotten quite used to my routine of reading, sudoku and school work. 
Cooking             2       It seems you can cook anything in a frying pan!
State of mind       4     Each year I come it takes me a while to adjust mentallly to my new home but I feel quite settled and content, Praise God!

This week I tried cooking some local food – very local.  It came from the drain in the backyard.  Paige said, “I am not sure about eating something that came out of a drain!”  I informed her that most of our food comes from ‘unpleasant’ sounding places.

I went out and cut some Dalo leaves (Taro leaves)  and cooked it with onion and coconut cream.  I think it is obvious what the kids thought of it.  I quite liked it.  It is such a common food that they even sell it in cans in the supermarket!

We were very blessed this year to bring with us a pile of envelopes containing encouraging messages from a variety of people.  We have, as instructed, read one each week and we keep them on the fridge to remind us that we are part of God’s family and we are loved.  Thanks so much to all who contributed.  We even had a courier package two days ago from the Graingers’s containing chocolate.  Thanks guys.

This week we also visited the NZ High commission to vote.  The Fiji elections are on the 17th of Sept so there has been a constant reminder on TV and around about.  We pass the US Embassy and Aussie High Commission most days so we were surprised to see NZ's was just a small dingy office compared to the vast grounds and buildings of the others.

We go on ‘holiday’ next week and get to be tourists for a day up the Coral Coast.  Jem has a couple of days off so we are all looking forward to spending that time together.

God Bless

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  1. I can't believe it has been 4 weeks already!! Glad to hear that you're not too homesick. You'll be sudoku experts though!!

    Careful Jeremy, it's illegal to take a photo of a completed voting paper. You could get busted coming back into the country!!

    See you soon.