Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Week three 1-10

So it is now week three.  Yesterday was the hottest day reaching 29 degrees and we had a power cut.  Air con only works with power!
Bugs and creepy crawlies               1         Still all good on this front!
Homesickness                                1         Miss friends and familiarity but are settling in well
Cleanliness                                     2         I now know just how much dirt our carpets absorb!  So much to                                                                 sweep up daily
School work                                 4          Kids doing so well.  We had a short day last week and went to                                                                         the pools for an intensive session of PE!
Sleep                                             7        So hot last night so we put air con on - then too cold, then too                                                                       hot, too cold etc.  A long night!
Tan                                                7         A couple of days in the sun and my tan is starting - Still feeling                                                                       pretty white though!
Boredom                                     6          I am adjusting to my new routine of reading, playing games and                                                                     watching a really bad tacky Bollywood Soap Opera.  The long                                                                    middle distance stares would make The Young and The Restless                                                                  proud (not that I watch that!)
Cooking                                     5          I can make almost anything from cakes to roasts in my electric                                                                       frying pan!  I want one when I get home!  There are a few things I                                                                   haven't been able to buy but mostly it is good.
Things I miss                          Normal butter (too salty here), Edam cheese, rice wafers with hummus.

Paige and Dylan shelling peanuts
All in all things are going really well.  We got to open a 'care package' from Jan the other day.  It was given to us before we left home to open in week 3 and each week after.  It was a great note and some chocolate.  Thanks Jan.  It is such an encouragment to know you are all thinking of us.  God is Great!
Boy scouts on their jamboree - Cute outfits!

Paige and I at Gloria Jeans Cafe
The vege market I shop at near our supermarket

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