Monday, 8 September 2014

Week Two - "Follow me and I'll make you fishers of men."

Well this week the weather has been really hot and even though we have no no air-con where I am lecturing the students have been working hard at developing new skills in evangelism.
Door to door and one to one evangelism has been a new and scary experience for the students, however, the more they go out to obey the great commission the more excited they are becoming because they are seeing themselves being used by the Lord to impact families with the gospel.

As the students have communicated the Gospel they have all been used in leading people to Jesus. We have seen church goers - people brought up in the church begin to put their faith in Christ alone instead of their church denomination.  The students have seen people with no church background repent and make Christ Lord.  They have seen Hindus turn their backs on Hinduism and embrace Christianity.

The students were doing street work on Wednesday afternoon and they met a 21 yr old Punjab named Avi. He was incredibly open to the gospel and that day decided to receive the Lord into his life.  He is now very excited about his new found faith and has turned up everyday to our course.  He is sitting in on the lectures, the students are doing Bible Studies with him and seeking to help him develop a solid faith based on Gospel truths.

One thing I treasure more than leading a person to Christ myself is seeing those I've trained or are training, obeying our Master's call to take the Gospel everywhere and seeing them experience Christ's promise fulfilled in their lives, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men!"

Backyard of Unity Baptist where the school is held
The hill the students must walk up and down if they are late to class
  • The committment of the students to learn, understand and clearly present the Gospel.  
  • Fruitfulness of Gospel ministries.  3 families are wanting Bible studies.
  • People have heard the Gospel.
  • People are responding to Christ
  • God for His strength and wisdom
  • Greater wisdom and patience as I deal with setbacks and Fiji staff not being reliable.
  • More people would come to Christ
  • Students will begin to look at how to preach in the open air with boldness and wisdom.
  • Ongoing strength for me as lecturing 4-5 hours a day can be trying in the heat.
  • That I would not just teach principles but impart my life to the students also.

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