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Bula Again,

Well, we have enjoyed the second time of experiencing the Graduation of the students again this year and this time we got a few gifts: I got a shell necklace and a 3-D dolphin ruler! I also got a necklace with a rose carved on it. Dylan got a shell necklace and a 3-D dolphin ruler he also got a necklace with a coconut tree carved on it. Mum got a wreath and a handbag which she's using as a ornament. Dad got a wreath and a box of chocolates from Mr Robert: We all shared the chocolates. This week Fiji has started the Famous Hibiscus Festival! Dad's doing out reaches there. I also bought myself a ring there. The rides aren't safe though!!

 That's all for now!




We saw our nana and granddad leave with our cousin to go to Plantation Island! It's like the most awesome  resort you could ever possibly imagine! More on that later...

We've been going to pools at the Holiday Inn and we also have been talking about seeing Smurfs 2 on Saturday the 3rd of August. Dylan and I have been working very hard in our school work and I'm actually sort of enjoying maths ( only because I'm doing fractions and it's fun and easy  but more on that later !) even though other than walking it's like my horror subject! I've been working very hard on my flute and I can play Jingle Bells and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! It's so fun doing flute!!
One of my favourite card games we have here is Suspect Cluedo! We bought it from Farmers on the last full day in New Zealand! It's fun and easy to learn! If you love Cluedo you'll love this!

It's been really hot here. Once it was so hot that I got my togs on and I hopped in the nice, cold, refreshing bath!

Ciau  for now!!!!






We are at the airport in Nausuri of  Fiji and our Nana and Grandad have come out of  customs and M.R Mysterious man with a black cardigan over his head and it was our cousin Cameron! We never realised he was coming to Fiji and he kept it a secret from Dylan and I. We also went to Tambua  Sands and on the last night of our stay at Tambua Sands we had the crab race and my crab from New Zealand called the Silver Cloud! I came second and my crab number was 2!!




The day before that we went to the IKula Wildlife Park and I held a Banned and a American Iguana. We saw a lot of other things too and also we fed the turtles! We're enjoying our time here with our guests and I guess that's it for now!














Well on the 11th of July it was my 10th birthday! I opened my presents in which I got a cat from Dylan which is like a soft sleepy toy. I got 4 pairs of earrings which Vahri gave to me to bring to Fiji and open on my real birthday! I also got 3 pairs of earrings from my parents and a book called Canter wood Crest Take the Reins.
I also got a cool top and a skirt. we had pancakes for breaky and then did school.

After lunch we did a lot of swimming because it was really hot! we also went to the cinemas to watch despicable  me 2 and b4 the movie started the operators did shadow puppets! The movie was cool!  I also bought a cool top and pink pants. 

We had Pizza King for tea that is like a ginormous pizza! When we got home we had cake and ice- cream for pudding and then played a game of Suspect Cluedo.

Chow for now!

Hi guys, 

 Here are some photos of me with my friends on my last day of school before heading out to Fiji.

We've been doing lots of things lately and also bought the movie RISE OF THE GUARDIANS !!(for 2 dollars)

On the 11th of July it's my birthday!! I will be turning 10!! It's going to be really exciting!! We are planning on watching DESPICABLE ME II !! We are staying at 36 Lovoni street!! I have the biggest room in the house and the most comfiest bed as well!! It's way too hot here as well, but I'm enjoying going for swim's as it's nice to have a break from the heat!!

Fiji has falling coconuts everywhere!!

The weather has been great and we have been swimming lots and having great fun!! We have also started some school work and done some art to put on the walls!!Before we moved to 36 Lovoni street we stayed at 22 Pasvalli road and met a little boy named David who was 3 yrs old.  We all had to share a room at Pasvalli rd and it was hot!!

Before we left N.Z. mum bought us a rubix cube!!  it's fun, hard and entertaining.

On the 1st night at our new place Dylan and I had to share a bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Paige over and out!! 


Welcome to Paige's Page! This is where you can be learning about some of my experiences in Fiji for 2013!!            

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  1. I see you took your glasses with you to Fiji - too cute! :)

  2. Hi Paige

    It sounds like such hard work... NOT!!

    Happy birthday for the 11th. You share your birthday with my mum, although she's had a few more than you...

  3. Hey Paige,
    Have a happy birthday tomorrow! You share it with someone in Flaxmere also, who we visited today.... she is exactly 10 years older than you!!
    Good to hear how you all are :-)
    We were having good weather, and so I wasn't too envious of you guys being in Fiji... but now it is wet and colder.

  4. Dear Paige,

    I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow and that you are having fun in Fiji. We are looking after your house and looking after Whiskers.

    From Georgia

  5. Happy birthday love Nana & Grandad.

  6. Lovely to read your blog Paige. We are looking forward to coming over to stay with you in just over a weeks time. We have got school holidays now. Are you having school holidays too? We had Tracey come to stay with her 15 month old Zion that was lots of fun and he was a very good boy. Love Nana

  7. Go hard brother and preach the gospel around the world.. Blessings to you and family.

  8. Scott Mcdonald23 July 2013 at 16:29

    Hi paige and Dylan and Cameron

    We saw the video of Cameron arriving very exciting for you all. Thanks for posting it.

    love scott and mum COOL GUYS !!!!!!!! HOP YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME.